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Master Woodturner Charles Jordan is a multi award winning woodturner.    His pieces of work have won awards in the artistic, creative and functional categories in numerous woodturning competitions.  In particular, Charles is known for his natural edge and burl products.  Charles is a member of the Golden Horseshoe Woodturners Guild (GHWG), the Grey Bruce Woodturners Guild (GBWG), the Niagara Woodturners Group (NWG) and the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).  Charles is a former member of the GHWG Executive.  Charles himself has demonstrated at various guilds and shows in Ontario including the Hamilton Wood Show and participated in local Studio Tours (Fine Arts Society of Milton).  He is a member of the Bruce Peninsula Artists Society and will be participating in their fall Studio Tour starting this year.


Charles' passion is making hand-turned, wooden bowls.  These are crafted out of various types of wood including poplar, cherry, elm, walnut, spruce, ash, pine, birch, Barbados mahogany, beach, butternut, honey locust, madrone, spalted/ambrosia and Canadian maple, etc.  Charles is known for his amazing natural edge bowls.  All bowls are food-grade quality.  The sizes of the bowls vary in diameter and depth.  Some bowls have been crafted out of burls.  He also produces cheese boards, natural and live edge charcuterie boards, plates, bottle stoppers,  platters, Christmas ornaments and artistic pieces that are second to none.  His bowls are found in both matte and gloss finishes, including those which are coloured in various hues (green, red, purple, golden, etc.)


Charles' woodturning lessons are personalized to meet the needs of each and every participant, from beginner/novice  level to advanced students.   He teaches one-on-one lessons, in small groups and has also taught larger groups such as the HDSB woodturning teachers on their Professional Development Day.

His bowls and works of art are often commissioned work, individualized by using a sentimental piece of wood from a family property, to specific colours or sizes to fit a particular room or art display.

Charles ensures that his pieces of work and his lessons meet the needs of the individual requests he receives.

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